Web's Best – October 2016

Banks Don't Want to Leave London Post-Brexit, City Watchdog Boss Says

A mass exodus of bankers post-Brexit is unlikely, as many institutions simply don't want to leave London, the head of the City watchdog has said. – October 30 / City A.M.

The Future of Banking: Truth is Rarely Pure and Never Simple

The asset management industry appears to be split on the future of the banking sector. Depending on who you speak to, the sector represents a great contrarian opportunity or a completely uninvestable area. But as Oscar Wilde once opined, «the truth is rarely pure and never simple». – October 21 / Fund Strategy

Top Money Manager: «We Avoid Tesla Because of Elon Musk»

When funds restrict their investments to those companies that are ethical or sustainable, many investors assume that poor returns will have to be accepted as a trade-off. But that is not necessarily the case. – October 21 / The Telegraph

1MDB and the Affected Banks: 100 Headlines

As Malaysia’s 1MDB controversy hits breaking point, the news started almost two years ago. News had intensified since March 2016 this year. The continued investigation and scrutiny had unearthed numerous people and alongside, throwing banks such as Falcon and BSI into the spotlight. Here is a recap build up from March 2016 to October 2016. – October 15 / Caproasia

The Man Who Turned Down Marilyn Monroe

For decades, photographer Douglas Kirkland used to wonder to himself – and aloud to friends: was I stupid? – October 14 / The Australian Financial Review Magazine

The Seven Conditions for Good Succession

Two prominent academics disagree and argue that no matter how unique a family business is there are seven universal conditions for good succession - and these conditions are inevitably followed by businesses where succession has gone the most smoothly. – October 13 / Family Capital

The (Slow) Death of U.K. Investment Banks

Regulators and policymakers want banks to go back to boring, utility-like investments that do not take undue risks, Ian Smith writes. – October 6 / Investors Chronicle

Ten Great Startups Backed by Family Offices

Family offices are increasingly backing startups, and startups are increasingly looking for family offices to back them. Here’s a list of 15 startups and the family offices backing them. – October 6 / Family Capital

Helman Sitohang: A Big Believer in Life Balance

On weekends, the CEO of Credit Suisse Asia chooses to wind down and spend time with his family and friends. «In life, I'm a big believer that you have to have a balance. It's important,» he says. – October 4 / Bankgkok Post

Deutsche Bank: Chronicle of a Death Foretold

Share price volatility shows lack of confidence in German lender’s management, and regulators. – October 3 / Regulation Asia

This Robot Wants To Chat About Your Bank Account

Text a question like «What’s my credit card debt?» and the friendly answer comes within seconds. This is a banking chatbot, a software program that understands and responds to questions and commands about your bank account. It’s like your bank’s customer service representative — powered by artificial intelligence. – October 1 / USA Today

The Real Scandal Behind the Panama Papers

After the leak of more than 11 million documents detailing sensitive, and often terrifying, information about offshore financial and legal activities, the Nobel-laureate economist Joseph Stiglitz was enlisted to help Panama reform its practices. But nothing could have prepared him for what came next. – October 1 / Vanity Fair

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