«Spanking Banking»: Paddled for Underperformance

In banking, underperformance usually translates to a lower bonus – or absence of one altogether. In China, the consequences for poor performance is far more painful, as this secretly filmed footage shows. 

A Chinese bank was caught on tape punishing some staff with corporal punishment for underperforming during a training session. A video of the event shows eight Rural Commercial employees in Changzhi being berated on stage.

The video shows the trainer asking the employees why they had underperformed, to which one response is «I didn't try hard enough». The trainer is shown with a paddle roughly the size of a cricket bat telling employees to «get your butts ready».

Executives Fired

The man is then shown spanking the employees several times forcefully, with one woman recoiling in pain. 

The video was first shown on the Chinese News Platform «People's Daily». The «Beijing Times» subsequently reported that two executives of Rural Commercial Bank were suspended.

Hair Shaved 

The trainer, Jiang Yang, said he has used the paddling punishment for several years, the city of Changzhi wrote on its blog.

Jiang Yang also reportedly shaved the heads of the male underperformers, and cut the women's hair, following the paddling.

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