Which Passport Would You Most Like to Have?

The Quality of Nationality Index was presented on Thursday for the first time, ranking the attractiveness of passports. Henley & Partners, a relocation company which also specializes in nationalities compiled the work.

The German passport is the most desirable in the world – at least according to the authors of a new Quality of Nationality Index (QNI), which ranks nationalities according to freedom of travel, work opportunities, stability and a range of other factors important for the educated and wealthy classes.

Germany is leading the index, because it has the most beneficial conditions in relation to the ease of travel in foreign countries, economic activities, education and quality of life. Denmark came in second place and Finland third, followed by Norway and Sweden.

Useful Guide

Switzerland came eighth, after France, but before the Netherlands, Belgium, the U.K. and Liechtenstein. The findings at first sight may seem a little abstract, but nevertheless a useful guide for the wealthy, who use relocation abroad and adoption of a different nationality as a common strategy today.

Henley & Partners has been selling such services for years and today is a market leader. Citizens from insecure, unstable countries in eastern Europe, Africa or parts of Latin America are good clients for the company's products. The passports of Malta, Cyprus and Portugal are among those rated most desirable by the rich..

Evidently, countries in those regions also rank last in the index. Sudan is fifth from last, followed by Eritrea, Central African Republic and Afghanistan. Last on the list is the Democratic Republic of Congo.

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