Olivier Collombin: «We Are Looking to Develop a Virtual Space For Asset Managers»

Olivier Collombin, Founder and CEO E-merging

Olivier Collombin, Founder and CEO E-merging

The E-merging platform is often called a «Facebook» for asset managers. Talking to finews.asia, founder and CEO Olivier Collombin reveals his plans about a virtual fair and an app with geo-localisation.

Mr. Collombin you started E-merging in 2009 – how has the network developed since then?

We’ve come a long way since 2009! When we launched E-merging had the most basic functionalities available, and yet the uptake was significant which really demonstrates the value in our proposition. The platform is a social network and operates to give members the ability to reach a wider audience and increase their visibility.

Members are asked to complete their profile information (including AUM, Specialities, interests) and they are provided with functionalities such as direct messaging, content sharing , video posting and member search. We also operate a unique and popular ‘Dare to Compare’ function that gives members the opportunity to benchmark their performance against their peers.

Who is the ideal client of E-merging?

E-merging is the dedicated social network for independent finance experts. We designed the platform in such a way that the entire finance ecosystem can find its home with us.

Our members are private wealth managers, specialist HR firms, law firms, independent financial advisors or specialist IT firms located across the globe. Our job is, for example to make it easy for a private wealth manager operating in Singapore to reach out to a specialist law firm in Buenos Aires to help facilitate a deal for a client.

What are your next sets plans – this year and on a longer term?

E-merging has been live for more than seven years now and we still see it as a work in progress. We are constantly trying to find ways to improve our solution and to help our community. We have two big improvements in our pipeline for the upcoming months.

Expanding the community: We have been encouraged by our community to open up the platform and make membership available to all employees regardless of their level in the member’s organisation. Until now, the relationship-building nature of the platform led us to focus the membership to decision-makers and finance leaders.

This is a huge step as it will exponentially increase the size of the community and allow members to leverage their network even more. I hope that it will bring even more opportunities to exchange, collaborate and connect at all levels of an organisation.

Building the mobile app: We understand that our members (and everyone else) have gone mobile and require their platform to be accessible through their mobile device. One of our driving forces is to make connections between members simple and easy. For that reason we have decided to launch a brand new iPhone and Android App that will include a new geo-localisation service.

And in the longer term?

Reaching new clients: We are aware that E-merging represents a unique hub of knowledge, expertise, speciality and product offering. Members obviously benefit from this proposition.

Shouldn’t the end customer also be allowed to benefit?

We believe so. So much so, that we have decided build a bridge between potential clients and our members. Potential clients will be able to request personalised services online and members will have the opportunity to respond with their best offer within a strict timeframe.

In the longer term, we are also looking to further develop our Virtual FinFair concept to create a permanent virtual space where member avatars can meet and interact on a regular basis.


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