Nathaniel Rothschild Is a Happy Bunny

Loretta Basey

Loretta Basey

The only son of Lord Rothschild is getting married. A happy occasion of course, and a stunning one as well.

The Rothschild's must be Europe's most famous banking dynasty. Seriously rich and with befitting influence. Taking together, the Rothschild family, including the offshoots in Geneva and Zurich, own some 300 billion Swiss francs.

Lord Jacob Rothschild, soon 80 years old, wants his son Nathaniel «Nat» Rothschild (44) (pictured below) to further the reputation of his name in the City. Marrying accordingly is a natural demand for an only son.

Nathaniel 500

Male Joy

Nathaniel, who is paying his taxes in Switzerland and adopted its citizenship some 10 years ago, has now made his move to keep name alive – but maybe not exactly to the liking of his father, the fourth Baron Rothschild.

The future wife of his son is quite a catch, if you'd ask the male readership of «The Sun» at least. Loretta Basey (25), a commoner from the county of Middlesex, has enjoyed a career as page 3 girl for the most infamous red-top rag of the U.K. Little wonder then that even the readers of the arch enemies at Germany's «Bild» are getting, erm, worked up about the latest addition to the Rothschild family.

Concerned Bankers

Others are a little less enthusiastic. They worry that the association of the name Rothschild with naked women may hamper the future development of the banking business.

Basey – also known as «Elle» – is said to have some attributes of a successful addition to the dynasty. The «Daily Mail» suggested that she is well equipped to take the high society by storm, having ended her previous career and moving into a new business, providing business jets to the very rich at Advanced Air Management.

Second Time Lucky

Nathaniel has been married once before, to Annabelle Neilson, a friend of Kate Moss. He got to know her on the beaches of India, married in Las Vegas and divorced her three years later after a childless marriage. His father is said to have been taken by surprise. He got married to the daughter of a count.

The baron's heir has also had his ups and downs in the business world. While feted as a genius in the City, he advised Oleg Deripaska and Roman Abramovich. The «Daily Mail» however also remembers investments in the coal industry in Indonesia and an energy business in the Kurdish region of Iraq. Both companies ended with massive losses, according to the reports.

The family however will be able to afford a marriage befitting a Rothschild. Klosters, the ski resort in the Swiss alps will host the event.


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