UBS: Eight Disruptive Tech Trends to Watch

Amy Lo (left) and Sundeep Gantori, both UBS Wealth Management

Amy Lo (left) and Sundeep Gantori, both UBS Wealth Management

There are several fields in which UBS predicts major distruptive movements. Here are eight of them, as presented at the Swiss banks CEO Summit held in Hong Kong this week.

«When we asked our clients what they are interested in, most oft hem mentioned the following five topics,» Amy Lo, Country Head of UBS Hong Kong, said at the bank's CEO Summit in Hong Kong. And they are:

  • Artificial intelligence & virtual reality
  • Sustainability
  • Fintech
  • News-generation transportation
  • Distruptive trends in China

According to these trends, the experts at UBS formulated eight disruptive tech trends to watch:

1. Internet Users Still Growing Fast

UBS expects 2.5 billion internet users to be added over the next decade, mainly driven by Asia. «We continue to see emergence of more disruptive trends in Asia which provide both opportunities and risks,» Sundeep Gantori, Equity Analyst, Chief Investment Office Wealth Management, said.

2. China Powered by Millennials

Powered by millennials, China is at the forefront of digital innovation supported by other consumer trends like sharing economy, augmented reality and virtual reality.

3. Artificial Intelligence Creates New Jobs

UBS is positive on Artificial Intelligence (AI) theme. «While potentially 50-75 million jobs are affected, AI will create many more jobs in other creative fields resulting in increased investment opportunities,» Amy Lo, said.

4. Fintech For Revenue Maximization

Fintech including internet finance is another promising trend not only providing cost benefits but also revenue maximization opportunities.

5. The Fourth Industrial Revolution Arrives

Automation and robotics is at the center of fourth industrial revolution driving huge efficiency gains. «3D printing and commercial drones are other related beneficiaries,» Gantori said.

6. Automotive Disruption the Next Big Thing

«Automotive disruption is the next big thing in our view as we see increasing scope for autonomous driving, electric vehicles and infotainment features,» Amy Lo explained.

7. Cyper Security Threats Increasing

With rising connected devices and digital shift, UBS also sees increase scope for cyber security threats, which should result in increased security spending.

8. M&A Will Help Chinese Firms

Finally the Swiss bank believes M&A should help Chinese internet firms become global tech platform leaders.




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